Development Needs


Dozens of repairs are required daily

Scores of houses are constructed daily

Millions of products are manufactured daily

Large Numbers


100+ Real Estate firms

With 1000+ construction sites

And over 1,000,000 skilled artisans

Dignity of Labour


Establishing Artisanry

Restoring the Dignity of Labor

Promoting Excellence Through Experience

Bridging Gaps


Providing training for unskilled labor

Providing skilled labor to industries in need

Providing opportunities for artisans en masse

"Little" Technology


EduTech – Training & Assessment

SiteWorx – Fresh Projects & New Sites

CAA – Construction Artisans Awards

Artisans Awards


Raising the Bar

Awarding Great Artisans

Celebrating Excellent Craftsmanship

Training Talent

Learn occupational skills for careers in construction. Get training on skills that will make you invaluable to organizations and estate developers.

Outsourcing Skill

We select, assess and recruit skilled labor for you. Supplying relevant, verified and properly supervised labor to estate developers and industries.


By linking talent to jobs, we create a good evironment for them to establish their own businesses and create more employment.

Awarding Artisans

We maintain a platform that celebrates skilled vocational workmanship and encourages participation and interest in vocational work.

Building People To Bridge Development Gaps


At C-STEMP, we believe in people, invest in people, and build people.

Our goal is to traing, empower and support people, especially the youth. Interfacing them with developers and industry leaders to create a synergy between labor demand and labor supply.

Work with us today.


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Are you interested in C-STEMP Training?

Trusted By Many

Where We Are


So far, the biggest impact C-STEMP has had on the various Industries and the society is creating awareness, a sense of commitment and purpose with respect to the skills challenges we are currently facing in the country, and also the need for us to take collective actions.

[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read More…” less=”Show Less”]It has been able to engage the employer organizations like the Federation of Construction Industry, as well as the Real Estate Developers  Association (REDAN), sensitizing them on the need to not only support training within their member organizations but to also take collective actions and support the development of the sector skills council a role currently being played by the Council of Registered Builders (CORBON) in the development of the occupational standards, career progression structure and scheme of service which will encourage Artisans to invest in their own self-development.[/expander_maker]

Training Artisans


Providing training for skilled labor to construction companies, organizations and developers on a temporary or permanent basis. Providing training to up-skill builders, developers and supervisors. Providing social empowerment opportunities for trained artisans (Small scale building materials production workshop).

So Far, We Have Trained

  • Semi-Skilled Artisans 50% 50%
  • Skilled Artisans 30% 30%
  • Master Artisans 20% 20%
  • Quality Artisans 100% 100%

Quality Artisans

Labor Outsourcing


In line with our core objectives, we have a pool of trained and competent artisans in the major construction trades (Masonry, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Tiling, Painting and Steel Fabrication) to be supplied to construction companies and other estate developers who would require their services.





Analysis, Research & Development

Exceptional Research Partners

Solving Real Problems

We are committed to continuous research and development. However, being a community driven organization, we are ethical, especially with data.

We use artisans’ data to perform analysis that aids and guides our research and development, however we keep it anonymous.

Protecting data of every research partner is our responsibility …especially the artisans.

Educational Technology


Using learning resources for Technical & Vocational Education & Training Institutions (TVET), we have produced quality recyclable educational content e.g; tutorial videos, modules, etc. Educational Technology is our way forward.

[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”.. Read More” less=”Show Less”]Using technology devices like the Knowledge Vehicle (K-Yan for short), we have been able to modulate large scale trainings on a wide range of sites. We are currently developing a learning management system to give a personalized feel to every talent we educate.[/expander_maker]



Interested In The Construction Artisan Awards?

Artisans Awards & Skill Expo

At C-STEMP, we understand that great artisans are not born, they are trained. And we ensure that they are trained exceptionally. This is why we only consider it fair to celebrate excellent craftsmanship.

We expose commercially invaluable skills that drive development. We celebrate hard work and talents. Encouraging and empowering the community.


How We Can Help You

C-STEMP is poised to satisfy the need for skilled manpower, by establishing a wide area network of technology enabled vocational training centers that offer training on a good number of soft and hard skills.

Our focus; the youth.

Empowering them and providing practical opportunities for the unemployed to find work. Where do you fit?

An Artisan?


A Developer?

Don't Know Yet?