The Construction Artisans Awards and Skills Expo is a yearly event powered by C-STEMP which is geared towards the recognition, promotion, and celebration of Excellent and Qualified Nigerian Artisans, who have competed and emerged winners in their various trades.

Due to the COVID19 Outbreak and Lockdown Protocols preventing large gatherings, we were not able to hold the event in 2020, however, that didn’t slow down our mission as we looked to adapt to our current situations. Like many organizations, we took our solutions online, creating a website with a very easy navigator interface where interested Artisans can register and upload their work evidence.

We recognized that many Artisans might not be “Tech Savvy” or use Smart Phones, so we developed a USSD CODE, which was broadcasted to all Artisans with simple steps on how to register, which led to a response of over 4000 registrants. Together with the Artisans who registered directly on the website, we had over 5000 registrants for the Construction Artisans Awards and Skills Expo, 2021.

Thanks to the help of Key Parties, a lot of the Artisans were able to upload their work evidence and from which a host of Juries led by Bldr. Kenneth Nduka was able to properly assess and verify them while conducting a series of interviews, these results were sent to a team of Internal Verifiers for further review and then finally presented by the Chairman of the jury to the Technical Committee for ratification before the final Awards.